Leadership in a global, integral world

Question from the Internet:

“What do you think are important characteristics, values, or attributes that a good leader must possess?”

First of all we have to accept, understand that times have changed. We evolved into a fully integrated, interdependent world.

Which means that the usual, individual leadership is not only ineffective in our days, but it has become outright harmful.

An individual inevitably perceives, experiences reality in an egocentric, subjective way. And since those who make it to leadership positions are usually more egocentric, self-justifying than others so they inevitably distort everything for their own favour and if they can they want to prolong their leadership indefinitely.

So an ideal leader in our global, integral times is one who promotes teamwork, listens to the opinions of others, facilitates unity, integration of the people above and despite the underlying differences, diversity.

The rest of the principles don’t change: that a good leader leads by positive example, and fulfills the notion of being a “public servant" to the letter.