“Just/Fair Globalization” is built on Nature’s template

Question from the Internet:

“How do we make globalization more just?”

This is a very important question for our times!

Globalization is the evolutionary condition we need to live in, get used to. It is not something “man-made”, as life in a globally integrated and fully interdependent system is obligated by Nature’s evolution.

Evolution relentlessly drives Nature’s system towards a final, most optimal integration between its diverse parts, elements. And Humanity - as one of the species, an integral part of Nature - has to follow suit.

But contrary to all other parts, elements of Nature, Human beings were given free choice, a conscious ability to complete this integration in order to acquire a full, objective, deserved insight into Nature’s system and evolution’s plan.

This is why by default we are born “outside of the system” (from our egocentric, subjective viewpoint), with opposite qualities to Nature’s integration. Even when we realize that we live in a global world, we try using the inevitable interconnections in the same selfish, egotistic, exploitative way as we do everything else. This is why globalization as it is, is unjust.

In order to make it work, to make globalization just and sustainable, we need to learn how it is supposed to work based on Nature’s laws of integration. We need to learn and follow Nature’s strict, unchanging laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life depends on, so we build Human society accordingly.