Jewish unity is not simply a “silver lining!”

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readApr 3, 2024

An article in The Jerusalem Post:

My comment:

Thank you for the article!

The thing is that “Jewish unity,” or unity in Israel, is not simply a “silver lining,” but as the article says, it is the basic foundation for our survival.

And the opposite, when we act through the instinctive, proverbial “unfounded hatred,” when we all try to undermine, overcome, lecture, and humiliate one another, we draw on ourselves as our enemies and face existential danger.

And this has been happening to us for millennia.

Even the deeper interpretation of the “Purim story” states that Haman dared to go against the Jews because they were scattered and disconnected people also disconnected from their God as a result of their disunity.

Of course, this unique Jewish unity — above and against the inherent and constantly awakening mutual distrust and animosity — is very difficult since we have to act against our instinctive actions and reactions.

This is why we were given our unique Jewish “existential method,” which can help us learn and practice how to connect and mutually complement one another above and against everything that tries to reject and separate us — externally or internally.

As long as we disregard or forsake our own method of unity, there is no long-term unity (what we achieved in October is already falling apart) and there is no long-term security. Instead, we find ourselves in a constantly worsening situation each time.



Zsolt Hermann

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