IWRI 2021 — The Global 50–50 Engagement Balance of Humanity with Nature

A new story from my dear friend, Ernest Itzkovitch from Toronto:

Hello Everyone,

This is not a letter but it is a very unique article about My Friends.

Yep — this is a Magnificent Group of Very Special Friends who have a usual goal — to help and assist Humanity to “accelerate these times to good times” through science, education, art, and connection.

I (hopefully you too) had the privilege to participate in The Global Scientific Conference that aimed toward “Integral Education”?
You may be surprised to hear — how many thousands of people around the world like IWRI (Integral World Research Institute)

I heard once a good joke, that “Two Friends Have Three Opinions ?” No questions that all of us have a lot of Friends however if you would like to have more Friends Globally that share the same idea, vision and put their skills and voluntary efforts for you and your family — you are in the right place — Yep, it is called IWRI (Integral World Research Institute)

Why Integral (the rest is self-explanatory) ?
As of today, May 15, 2020 — the whole world already acknowledged that Nature relates to Our world as One Integral Society
(the best evidence and proof for it is Corona — for more details you may look into #covidexplained).

But this article deals with Us — with you, your family, friends, environment, and future of Humanity — and the gift given by Mother Nature to all of us to have joy and pleasure — in One Condition, that we will respect and help each other as friends, same like Nature to Humanity. Humanity may sound that something abstract or far away from me — so you can “Start with your Community”.

Let me introduce my Dear and Respectful IWRI Friends — Professors, Ph.D.’s, Mr’s, and Ms’s — who are working 24/7 to reach out to you and creatively generating the content of “The Benefits of Good Connections Among People in The Brand New World of 2021”.

To make a long story short — the principle of IWRI is simple — Round Table Workshops and Connection Circles for you and others.
So — how come Two Friend have Three opinions? Is it a question of consistency? May we change our mindset for a better future?

iwri.net — “If you will not try you will never know” — the method of “try and error” is not to look for somebody that makes a mistake but look for the contribution of this individual toward connection on a new level or degree — accept other’s opinion same like yours.

Agree, it is not an easy task — because our own ego is our major barrier/stopper to connect with others, but there is a way for us to
engage our (good) intentions with others — in the army is typically through commands and in our lives — by good/positive relations.

If you still did not found out yet the Three Opinions including Nature — you are very welcome to Enjoy by watching the clips below:


Professor Ephraim Eliav: Perspectives on Integral World Exploration

Mr. Ernest Itzkovich: Implementation of Integral Education in Global Businesses

Prof. Vladimir Krasnov: On the Theory of Social Gaps and Social Exclusion of Organizations

Dr. Alexander Angelov: Integral Medicine in the Era of Global Pandemics

Dr. Leah Mandler: Disaster, Diplomacy — COVID 19 and International Relations

Mr. Adomas Davalga: Conditions for Integral and Inclusive Society

Ms. Keren Levin: The Coronavirus as Nature’s Aesthetic Supervision Lends

Ms. Kerri Berkowitz: Building Positive Relationships in Schools

Prof. Valentina Ilganayeva: Integral Image of the World : Concepts, Levels, Management

Dr. Ahanonu Kelechi Ajumole: Integral World or Self Destruction — Our Choice

The Global IWRI Roundtable: