It is very important that we learn about our own nature

When it comes to useful psychological experiments about Human nature, I think that the Stanford Prison Experiment is a very useful one to understand ourselves and the problems we are going through.

Stanford prison experiment — Wikipedia

It basically showed that in the “right” conditions any of us could become a “concentration camp guard”, happily enjoying abusing others.

The most important thing is that until we recognize these “dormant” or carefully, mostly subconsciously masked traits in ourselves, we can never learn how to correct, neutralize them.

This is why we are unable to build sustainable, positive connections, cooperation between us and keep falling back into the same self-serving- self-justifying traps, instincts, which is causing the recurring, vicious historic cycles we go through and the general direction of Human society towards self-destruction.

As they say, the right diagnosis is half the cure. This is why it is very important to reveal our true nature in “safe, methodical” conditions where we can also, immediately start adjusting, upgrading our nature towards the positive, mutually responsible, and mutually commenting Human interconnections our collective survival depends on.