It is up to us if 2020 will be a complete waste, or a positive turning point!

Question from the Internet:

“Is there anything we can thank 2020 for or was the entire year a total bummer?”

2020 might become a unique turning point in Human history, if we read the lessons from it well.

1.We have learned through the pandemic that we exist in a totally integrated, interdependent world, that the health, survival of the individual is intricately intertwined with the health, survival of the whole, global collective.

2.At the same time we also learned that we are instinctively acting, trying to solve problems individually, nationally, egotistically, moreover mostly we do everything at each other’s expense.

3.We learned that as soon as humanity retreats Nature can restore balance, almost immediately repair the damage Human activity is causing, thus the only truly endangered species in Nature is us.

4.We learned that democracy doesn’t exist anymore, especially not in those countries that consider themselves the flag bearers of democracy. And we also learned that individual leadership, decision making in a global integral world is a recipe for disasters.

5.We learned that the mass media, social media has made the world a true, real-life Matrix, brainwashing, manipulating us 24/7.

6.We also learned that those who call others out to be hateful, oppressive are even more hateful and oppressive.

7.We learned how much damage, destruction the selfish, exploitative Human ego can cause. But at this stage we are still pointing fingers at others instead of looking into a brutally honest mirror.

8.What we haven’t learned, accepted yet that this destructive, self-destructive Human ego drives all of us, even if most people are unaware of it yet.

Thus in 2021 we will have to recognise our inherently egocentric, hateful, self-serving and self-justifying engine — either consciously, purposefully or through increasing blows, suffering — so we could finally apply the right remedy: learning how to harness, channel our irrepressible, insatiable egotistic desires, intentions towards positive, constructive, collective goals, purpose.

Then 2020, all the suffering we went through won't be wasted and will be considered purposeful in changing is, helping, facilitating our collective Human survival.