It is time to truly wake up and start thinking for ourselves!

Opinion from the Internet:

“You are right that education is the fundamental problem. However, it is so fundamental; i.e. so few people know any science or even try to learn any, that getting enough attention will, in my opinion, be too late as the earth will be toast by then. The distraction of the virus is a horrendous problem since exponential increases are not understood. The fact that so many people ignore instructions plus the idiots who say “ you can’t tell me what to do” indicate how deep the problem is.

This is a race against time.

See Why low-end ‘climate sensitivity’ can now be ruled out » Yale Climate Connections

The best estimate is 2.6 and 4.1° C as the range of likely equilibrium points. This is catastrophic since 1.5°C was Paris goal and 2.0°C was considered a likely disaster. The best estimate is 3.0° C which bodes very badly for the earth. This will dominate the earth’s occupation pretty much forever. If DJT is re-elected… Don’t want to think about it. Choice of Harris is encouraging.”

I tell you what scares me more than climate change: the blind belief in so many people that we can right all our problems by changing certain politicians, political parties.

Trust me, for non-Americans this hysterical movement in the US suggesting that all of America’s and the world’s problems were and are caused by Trump is mind-boggling and very scary.

Do you truly believe that America was in a good place, progressing towards a good direction before Trump?!

Do you truly believe that it is only a handful of people who contribute to climate change and the rest is ready to do everything to avert it?! Do you believe that personal leadership or a handful of people can truly make any changes in a globally integrated, interdependent world?!

We live in a Matrix we all built together! We all bought into excessive production, excessive consumption, and the ruthless competition, success, survival at each other’s expense.

When it is our own “supported” leader or party that does the damage (lies, kills people in other countries, blows up whole regions, spies on everyone who moves, serves corporate interests with impunity, etc), we proudly support them, but when someone the media tells us to hate does the very same things or even less, we are up in arms and we hate and incite.

It is not a few people that need to be replaced, change, it is all of us. Please ask yourself: are you ready to do everything in your power to stop global warming, let us say the way Greta Thurnberg suggests?!

Are you ready to give up 80–90% of your present activities, consumption, following the “circus and bread” entertainment that keeps the cancer-like Matrix, the whole destructive, unnatural system that has been built for decades, centuries alive?!

As long as we blindly follow the brainwashing propaganda that flows from every pore, which tells you that, “you are ok, do not worry, you just continue everything you are doing, keep buying whatever we tell you to buy, listen to and watch whatever we teel you to listen to and watch, we will take care of everything, just help us to get rid of ‘so and so…’…” we will continue to sink into ever deeper crisis.

The true changes start with us, inside each and every person. As long as we still identify certain “bad people”, “culprits” that cause all our problems we live in a destructive lie and we will destroy ourselves!

This is why I keep telling you that the root cause is our own selfish, egotistic, blindly instinctive nature, and our ego is very shrewd, it will reject the truth and the recommended remedy until the last moment. This is why our future survival depends on those who already recognized the flaw in themselves and are brave and ready to change.

They will be able to change others through their own positive example — instead of false, lieful propaganda, incitement, hatred, and riots all over the world.