It is Nature’s evolution that “created" us, and determines our ongoing development

Question from the Internet:

“Why did humans develop a concept of intelligence? Why do we need it?”

First of all we need to recognize that we didn’t, don’t develop anything about ourselves.

We were “created" by Nature’s evolution, and the deterministic, purposeful evolutionary plan, process still drives our development without our consent — and so far without it awareness.

Nature’s evolution created us very different from other animals, even compared to other developed primates. We were given a seemingly destructive, selfish, exploitative ego which made us enemies with each other and with Nature, running on a cancer-like path consuming, destroying everything we touch as we progress.

It is neither sinful nor evil as we never had any free choice about this egotistic software that drives us.

And Nature’s evolution also gave us a unique Human intellect, a mind that is capable of critical self-assessment, so at some point — which point we reached in our generation — a critical mass of Humanity would recognize that by blindly, instinctively following our cancer-like ego we will inevitably self-destruct.

All this in order to give us the conscious, free ability to take our Human development into our own hands, and to purposefully, methodically use Nature’s evolutionary forces to awaken a so far dormant, Natural, altruistic upgrade in ourselves that can balance, control and harness the force of the ego.

Then by “holding two reins in our hands" we can use our all-powerful egotistic driving force towards positive, constructive, collective goals, purposes.

This is the unprecedented, conscious developmental process that is starting, unfolding now!