Is UBI the solution in times of great crisis?

The use for UBI

As I understand UBI, it a guaranteed, automatic non-refundable payment that is not tied to any work or service provided by those who receive it.

Why is UBI “inhumane”?

There are two major problems with UBI which arise from our inherently proud, egocentric, individualistic Human nature where our self-esteem, self-worth is our more treasured possession.

Organizing a “Humane” Human society

Thus the greatest challenge, a task we have in the new state we are heading towards is to organize society in a way, that each person has some kind of mutually responsible, mutually complementing, contributing activity towards the collective, for which one receives the appropriate reward, a salary that can help the person to cover one’s natural, healthy, modern, Human necessities for oneself and for one’s family, so one can continue contributing.

The Human ego as a positive driving force

Finally, when we say that we are all egotistic, individualistic, and selfish, it simply describes the original operating software we are born with.