A few weeks into the lockdown I think we all started to learn more about ourselves. In the lack of the usual 24/7 rat race, incessant media, marketing, and entertainment onslaught, brainwashing we are like people in a forced rehab.

The withdrawal symptoms start to appear as in the lack of usual mind-numbing activities we are forced to face questions, doubts we always ignored, postponed, neutralized with some more retail therapy, some more soccer, rugby, basketball, Netflix, Hollywood, celebrity gossip, royal families, food fetish or with different intoxicating substances.

But now in this vacuum, each locked into solitary confinement with their families they do not know anymore, we can’t run away from some very uncomfortable thoughts, question.

My brother once told me about his experiences in the morning, when he brushes his teeth in from of the mirror and the question stabs him: “I was brushing my teeth yesterday and the day before the same way, I will again see myself in the same mirror tomorrow, in between I keep running around and do not even know why what I am doing. Is this life, is that all?!”

Now suddenly when the virus washed away all our usual daily fixations, activities we considered the “purpose” of our lives this overwhelming question will stab all of us. Is this all?! We live for this empty daily routine, and even if the “Matrix” is restarted in a few months what kind of a life is that, to jump back into the machine?

What is the meaning of Human life, do we actually have any purpose that makes us human above the animate instincts, desires of food, sex, family and the social program of wealth, power, fame and knowledge? And since with the virus, without the virus unemployment will keep rising as most of our present Human activity in the overproduction, overconsumption, brainwashing “circus and bread” system is obsolete — or will be taken over by robots — billions of people will become unemployed facing these questions each day.

And the feeling of being useless, outcast, unnecessary for others, for society is the most dehumanizing feeling of all. This is what most of Humanity will face very soon and we will start looking like people in the famous dystopian Hollywood movies.

So what can we do with these billions, most of Humanity apart from the “Matrix” being restarted, handing out free drugs to all, or drastically reducing Human population with some devious measures?!

We can’t find any answers as long as we all remain closed into ourselves, trying to find fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction within our limited, egocentric, subjective desires, vessels. But we can find a new, infinite dimension of pleasures, Human activities, feeling important, needed — by existing, living for the sake of one another.

Like a mother who lives only for her baby, completely forgetting about herself, we can also develop such feelings for each other through a unique educational method. We can learn how to break through our instinctively individualistic, distrusting, hateful reflexes and start living through the desires, needs, viewpoints of others.

We would start small, in small, closed circles, not only in the family but in small, increasing circles around the family. Then such small communities could merge, grow, encompassing all, creating an infinite network, a vessel where we can “get lost” in a positive way, totally disconnect from our usual, personal self-concerns, the subjective limitations of time, space and motion.

And we would not even need to perform actual, physical work for this as this new area is about connection building, mutual responsibility, mutual support, that can be performed even virtually, without moving a finger.

If above securing a healthy, normal, sustainable lifestyle based on natural necessities and available resources we would focus all our attention on rebuilding Humanity on the above mentioned, selfless, mutually, unconditionally supporting serving connections with the help of a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, we could catapult ourselves to a completely different, qualitatively higher dimension of existence, finding the meaning of life in each other.