Is there a solution for global peace?

An article by my dear friend, Ernest Itzkovich

Frankly speaking My Dear Friends, at this moment we have a one, unique, and unified opportunity to make peace in the world.

Maybe it sounds naive or unrealistic, but once we will dive into details we will realize that peace in the world depends on each and every one of us by mutual care among us.

In plain English — our and humanity’s happiness and peace depend only on our personal desires (best described in the Triangle/Ladder Theory of Needs of Maslow).

Maybe some of us may conclude that our thoughts may bring peace to the whole world?

Yep, sure, big time, accurate guess, bravo — our thoughts impact & affect our global actions.

Peace in the world — requires preparation. Quoting a Global Thinker on Future Leadership: “Everything depends on our preparation because only good preparation brings us success”.

Let's put together this “Preparation” Quote in practice — and try to figure out if it makes sense.

The perfect example at the moment — is the military conflict in Europe that started last week.

In order to maintain impartiality and be right and fair — let's assume for a moment that each side in the conflict is right. So the first question will arise: How come everybody is right, but the result is wrong — there is a war, people are suffering, expensive infrastructures are destroyed, the COVID-19 is still here, shortage of basic supplies/food and shelter interrupted — what else?

Why it is happening? What can be done? Can we stop or prevent the next war?

It’s enough. No need to add more. The self-explanatory answer is simple — think and take care of others. Even though self-interest is typically prevailing altruism (although 10% of the global population are altruists), there are times that we should make an effort and put others’ needs in higher priority than ours. It is not a personal project — it is expected to be a Global Effort.

Similar to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards in the food industry, if the manufacturing process is correct/under control — the end result/food is tasty and available through an effective global supply chain, where almost majority of the countries are partners to make a profit. It is obvious that everyone prefers profit vs loss. Right?

In these tough times, there is a rare opportunity for “Global Cooperation Among Competitors”.

To the extent that it sounds weird, there are situations when “loose-loose”/no other choice becomes a joyful “win-win” opportunity — by back-to-back cooperation in order to survive.

This initiative, let's call it Peace In The World — must be led by Global Leadership.

None of us has a guarantee or can predict what will bring tomorrow? However — each of us can make a small effort and think for a moment positive about the others — including our Friends and perceived enemies, even though “enemy — is our internal personal perception of reality that depends pretty much on the impact of the environment on the individual and vise versa”.

Since Mother Nature created the “Power of Thought” as the strongest power in our lives — you and I can create a new reality of mutual consideration and as a result, reach a balance with Nature.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.