Question from the Internet:

“Is money the foundation of society?”

This seems to be the case today, everything, all our “values”, aspirations center around material wealth, profit accumulation, monetary worth, even people are measured according to the amount of money, stocks they have, and progress is evaluated by GDP, stock exchange indicators, export/import figures, estate market figures.

And this is exactly why our generation is so lost, empty, and desperately unhappy, this is why we are sleepwalking towards an abyss as we have completely forgotten what life, the meaning, purpose of life is.

Life, happiness, fulfillment cannot be measured by numbers, what gadgets, properties we have amassed for ourselves or for our families.

Life is the circulation between different, diverse, seemingly incompatible parts, elements when they connect together for the purpose of creating life, balance, and homeostasis for each other and the whole system.

We will find true happiness, fulfillment only in the positive, mutually complementing, unconditionally serving, loving connections between us- above and against everything that separates, rejects us from each other. Then in that tension, dynamical, constantly renewed connection network we will know what life and happiness are.

And then money will return to its original place of simply being a trading tool, and economy, trade will be about facilitating accessing natural necessities for everybody, as besides those basic necessities everybody will be engaged in creating life between us.