Is a global world that is built on unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation truly a utopia?

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readMay 1, 2020

Can we build a world on global unity?!

As a result of the socio-economic crisis evolving on top of the Covid-19 pandemic (more precisely the virus simply hastened the already evolving crisis brewing for decades) more and more people are wondering how we could solve our problems, how can we escape the crisis.

Since we evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world the logical solution seems to be rebuilding Human society on Human interconnections, mutual cooperation, where each makes calculations for the sake of the collective first.

Understandably many react to this in disbelief, calling this idea utopistic, socialistic, communistic, citing historic examples, or pointing at our original egotistic Human nature.

But the true unity, mutual cooperation we would need to build the new Human society upon is not a utopia, it is the opposite.

There is nothing inherently good in us

The most prevalent utopia we hold onto in our world is the idea — publicized by religions, spiritual teachings, and certain political ideologies, philosophies — is that there is some “inherently good” in every person and if we can awaken this good, if we appeal to it, people can change and we can build love and friendship, put flowers into barrels of guns and we all ride into the sunset. As you said, history proves otherwise.

By default, there is nothing good in us as we are all born with the same inherently selfish, hateful and greedy nature and the only difference — which renders Humanity along with a pyramid model — is the hunger, willingness to sacrifice that drives us. Some settle for little, others want everything.

If we are not aware of the ego controlling us 100% we probably did not need to face a true, sharp “me or them” situation, although the initial individual and national reactions to the pandemic, and similar dramatic scenarios prove the point. (The other option to find this ego controlling us is entering a unique “laboratory” with other people and mutually aiming at true unity, unconditional service, support of one another in methodical conditions, which will surely awaken, draw out the ego so we can learn how to deal with it).

Learning to balance, harness the ego

Thus in order to build a Human system, you called a “utopia” we need to awaken and learn to use, harness our egos (which ego is irrepressible, indestructible). Unity will be built on top of, against rejection, constant tension, “love” is built on top of hate, mutual cooperation against the constant instinctive urge to exploit the connection, cooperation for selfish gain.

We need to awaken, “borrow” from Nature’s system an opposite, “anti-egoistic” force — Nature’s force of evolution thriving towards integration, balance, and homeostasis — we can use, harness with the right method when we start purposefully act, behave as the fully integrated, mutually cooperating elements of Nature’s system against our egos.

This is very hard, gradual work, a step by step process learning how to act against, above our own original software. And this cannot be achieved by coercion, misleading brainwashing but only through positive motivation, drawing people willingly, by free choice.

The “ideal” society

In the “ideal” society there will be a monetary system as a tool of trade for example as we use money today. There is nothing wrong with money, banks, the problem is with the user, as we instinctively distort, exploit everything for our own selfish gain as explained above.

The “ideal” society — after the gradual, step by step education, development — will exist based on “mutual guarantee”.

It means that one can receive only to the extent one contributes. The society will be organized based on each person having the ability to mutually contribute with one’s best abilities, efforts, and then the person receives everything one needs to be able to perform that role. This won’t be uniform since each will have different roles, but according to everybody’s actual abilities, conditions and since it will be done openly, according to true necessities, abilities, conditions nobody will resent the differences.

A non-political, non-partisan, non-ideological but Natural system

Most importantly this is not a utopia as this won’t happen according to personal opinions, political ideologies, agendas, not according to religions or spiritual ideas. This will have to unfold according to Nature’s “iron laws” determining life in closed, living, natural system Humanity is one of. The pressure, need to implement it won’t come from certain people, parties, committees. It is Nature’s evolution will put increasing pressure on us to comply with its system. Thus we will comply either consciously, wisely, proactively, or as a result of increasing blows, crisis situations until “suffering will soften us like salt softens meat”.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.