Integration above diversity

Question from the Internet:

“Do you think that the creation and embrace of cultural identity by every person or group of individuals, would unite or disunite them in the culturally diverse society they live with? Why?”

Your question is very important for our times.

While on one hand Humanity is extremely diverse, and we are all fiercely, proudly individualistic beings, sensing everything in an inherently egocentric, subjective way, we shall evolved into a globally integrated, interdependent world.

And in this world problem solving, survival depends on mutually responsible, mutually complementing, positive and global integration.

So everything depends on learning how to integrate with each other on a global scale above and despite all the diversity, differences which will remain, even intensify.

And specifically this unique tension between integration and individual uniqueness which will give us the unprecedented power, ability, that can propel Humanity to a qualitatively much higher, collective existence — on the merit of becoming similar to Nature.