Integral thinking for an integral world

Question from the Internet:

“Could/how could integrated thinking be applied to opposing sides of an argument?”

Simply put, we will not survive in a globally integrated, fully interdependent world, unless we can apply integrated thinking to all the problems we are facing.

In our global, integral world there are no individual, local problems any longer, as everything affects everybody. In other words the so called “butterfly affect” works with full force today. As a result there are only collective, mutually responsible, mutually complementing solutions.

If we needed any further proof, we received it through the pandemic, mostly in the form of negative example, negative reinforcement in how the lack of global coordination, integrated thinking, blind and instinctive individual and national “solutions” just make everything much worse.

Integral thinking, taking others into consideration, making calculations for the sake of the whole collective doesn’t come naturally, as it is directly opposite to our inherently egocentric, individualistic, subjective consciousness, perception.

Thus we will need to learn how to discuss, evaluate our global problems mutually, how to come to collective, composite solutions, agreements above everything that separates us, above and despite the inherent diversity and differences in opinions.