Instinctively aiming for individual survival — a grave “mistake” we all make!

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readMar 28, 2020

As we can observe through crisis situations, like the Covid-19 pandemic we are going through right now, when our personal, family, national state is in danger, we immediately react in a self-centered, self-preserving way, trying to secure our own state at the expense of everything, everybody else.

Our inherent program forces us to react to anything that happens to us in an individualistic, self-serving, self-justifying, self-protective way, even if we have to secure our own survival at the expense of others, putting ourselves in an isolated vacuum.

And since we exist in a globally integrated and interdependent system, where we are like individual cells, organs of the same, fully interconnected, single living organism, each such individualistic reaction, trying to succeed, survive at the expense of others — and our whole society is built like this — causes even greater damage, endangering all of us.

Since we can’t observe, understand the whole system - being locked into our own, blind, introverted cocoons - we also can’t see that our “victories” are pyrrhic. Our “survival” means we might outlast others we sacrifice for our own sake by a few days, weeks, months. On the other hand, if we reacted according to Nature’s laws governing integration, mutual responsibility we could all survive together in an efficient, guaranteed fashion.

Cancer — or a virus -doesn’t’ only destroys the body, but with it it also destroys itself!

In times of crisis, there is a secondary, “natural reflex” when people in their final despair, when they see they have nothing to lose, start to look after each other, caring for others more than they care for themselves. Unfortunately, such sporadic reactions come too late, when apart from dramatic, uplifting stories they can’t overturn the calamity.

We need a very special, highly practical educational method with positive motivations, uplifting, immediate, positive emotional impressions in order to help us acquire such a level of mutual trust, where we can realistically, tangibly understand that our lives, health, progress depend on our interconnections.

We need to learn to see, actually feel the myriads of interconnections that connect us to one another as a single species and our species to Nature’s fully integral system. We can develop a tangible, actual sense of life, crucial communication flowing through these connections like through the vessels, capillaries, nervous system of our bodies.

Then we will obviously understand without any doubts, second guesses, that either we succeed, survive together or we all lose, perish!

Then we will not hesitate to immediately help one another, not even thinking about our own states, survival as we will be 100% certain that the others will think and act the same.

Such learned mutual responsibility, the mutual guarantee will make us strong, invincible in the face of any problems, challenges.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.