In today’s globally integrated, interdependent world governance, society needs to follow Nature’s integral template

Question from the Internet:

“What is the connection between globalization and a one world government?”

If we live in a globally integrated, interdependent world - which we do - there is a need for a functioning, global decision making body, that can handle global issues.

This doesn’t have to a be a “government”, it mustn’t be in the form of individual leadership, but there is definitely need for a group of people, who - based on their scientific knowledge, understanding of how close, integral, natural systems work - could provide invaluable advice for different executing bodies (political, economic, scientific, health-related, etc) on how to solve, prevent global problems.

Actually the whole governing system needs to change as a result of the global integration we evolved into, and due to the fact that the present self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and exploitative governing and social systems have exhausted themselves and became self-destructive.

In a “Nature-like”, integral Human society there is no place for individual leadership, there is no place for harmful political parties that only care about control, wealth, “horse trading” at the expense of the public.

Instead we need to rebuild our societies, starting with small, autonomous local circles that live in “mutual guarantee”, collectively dealing with local issues that concern their day to day life need on mutual responsibility, mutually complementing cooperation.

Then above such local circles there would be wider, regional then national bodies - with independent representation from the local circles - not by career politicians, but by normal people of the public, who are willingly, voluntarily performing that representation for a well-defined, limited time. And such wider circles - each dealing only with issues the lower, more local body’s can’t cope with - finally reach the global level.

This is how we need to reorganize governance and social structure to make it more compatible with Nature’s integral arrangement. And besides the external form the most important is how the calculations, decisions are made: only for the well-being, optimal development of the whole collective above any individual, selfish decisions, calculations.

We simply can’t solve problems, succeed and survive unless we become aligned with, compatible with Nature’s integral template.

This is why we need collective leadership, decision making coupled with a unique preparation, education so we all understand, feel why we have to act, exist that way. After all in a globally integrated, fully interdependent world the well-being, health, progress and survival of the individual is intimately, irrevocably tied with the well-being, health, progress and survival of the whole, global collective.