In order to understand Nature we have to become similar to it

Opinion from the Internet on building a collective Human consciousness in order to find adaptation to Nature’s system:

“You do not fully understand the problem. Think how sensitive dependence upon initial conditions coupled with the need to maximize nutrient metabolism leads to predatory behavior in biology; then see if organisms can be more than their biology when confronted by food or anything else desirable. The world is broken at a foundational level, and higher consciousness is simply a first step in fixing it… what mechanism do you propose to ameliorate unregulated growth in society? I think only licensed couples should procreate.”

You are projecting the behavior of Human society on Nature’s system. In a well-balanced, closed, integral Natural system there is no unregulated growth.

Animals don’t overpopulate, don’t overconsume unless some natural catastrophe, or human interference pushes them out of their natural habitat, usual life cycle.

We have multiple examples of how Human intervention broke the usual “circle of life” - fine balance, homeostasis between the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels in Nature, between predators and pray - like killing sharks around the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to protect suffers, killing wolves in forests, killing the bees with our activities, even planting non-native plants where they don’t belong, by that completely upsetting, disturbing the balance, causing great damage to the rest of the fauna.

To use an even sharper example we can look at the balance, homeostasis within our own biological bodies. Any unregulated growth leads to disease, cancer.

Only humans act recklessly, with unregulated growth, excessive consumption, overpopulation, constantly breaking Nature’s laws sustaining balance and homeostasis.

This is not a sin, it is not evil. We are born with an inherently self-centered, individualistic, subjective consciousness, perception of reality, feeling ourselves in a hostile, alien world where we have to fight for resources, survival against others and Nature endlessly.

We don’t feel Nature as animals do instinctively.

This is all purposeful, as our role is not instinctive integration, blindly following Nature’s laws. Our unique evolutionary role, purpose is to reach integration consciously, by our own purposeful, methodical efforts, so even after integration we would remain conscious, independent observers, partners of Nature’s system.

To achieve this we need that collective consciousness, intellect I mentioned earlier, as only through an integrated Human consciousness can we reach similarity with the integrated Natural system.

And then through that similarity we can start objectively, truthfully researching and understanding the system.

Then we will know how much to consume, what our true never and the available resources are, we will know how many children it is healthy, natural to have since we will feel Nature’s laws tangibly, realistically, as a matter of fact.