In order to correct the “evil” in us, first, we have to recognize it

Opinion from the Internet about the “evil” in Human beings:

“This problem is that we assume that people are individually peaceful and good. I think inherent in everyone and more so in some, is evil. Man will always put others down to distinguish themselves as different and better.

Unfortunately, I think the defects in personalities that don’t allow for peace and good won’t allow for complete peace.

There’d have to be a final war and distinction between good vs evil. The good would not want war, as it’s not in their nature to fight. That’s probably why often the evil rises to the top- they’re willing to fight, murder, lie, distort, cheat, etc whatever it takes, while the good doesn’t and couldn’t. There’s no way to win against people that are willing to do whatever it takes without morals or conscience to win.”

You are completely right.

Still, exactly when we are “look into a brutally honest mirror” and realize that we are all more evil than good — and as you said the strength of this evil, the selfish ego is different in us — then we will receive the ability to cure this evil and harness what is good in nature to complement, balance the evil in every Human being.

Hopefully, this will happen before a “final, great war”, when at least a critical mass of people will become sensitive and willing to start correcting the evil — in themselves, instead of trying to point out ad correct evil in others.

Then such a critical mass will become “light unto others”, offering a way out of a general Human society that will continue to sink ever deeper into crisis, sleepwalking towards self-destruction.

But the first step is recognizing, accepting the “evil” in ourselves — which is not really evil as we are born with it without free choice — as only when we know what ails us can we find the suitable remedy.

And we cannot, should not try to eradicate, suppress the “evil” in us as it is impossible. It will serve as the “backside of the coin”, the contrast against which we will be able to recognize, generate what is truly good. A truly Human being will comprise of both, attaining a true picture of reality between two extremes.