In a fully integrated Human society, everybody is equal

Question from the Internet:

In what ways are you better than the rest of us?

I cannot be better in any way than the rest of the people. We are not scattered, separated individuals who live against each other, develop, succeed, survive at each other’s expense as our present society, values, goals reflect.

As the fully integrated and interdependent world we evolved into tries to show us, we are individual cells of the same, single, united, Human “super-organism”. This is how Nature’s integral system views Humanity, and this is the reality we need to aim at and adapt to.

In a fully integrated system, in a single organism each and every part — regardless of their size, role, function — has equal importance, as even without the smallest, seemingly imperceptible, unimportant part the system cannot exist, function properly.

Our task for this generation is to rebuild Humanity on nature’s integral template, where each and every individual finds their most optimal, unique, irreplaceable role and receives everything they need and deserve for that role.

We have to switch from a blind, instinctive, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, mutually exploitative (and at the end self-destructive) development — with its misguided ideologies, philosophies, and religions — to a conscious, Nature-like, integral development because Nature’s laws — that keep the balance and homeostasis life depends on — demand it.