Improving the community — through improving our interconnections

Question from the Internet:

“What are some of the things you would suggest for the improvement of your community as a student?”

To improve any community, at any stage of our lives, we need to improve the mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation between people.

Since we evolved into a fully integrated, interdependent world, since the success, prosperity, the health of an individual is intricately intertwined, depends on the success, prosperity, and health of the collective we have to put our primary focus on turning the instinctive, ruthless competition, success at each other’s expense to positive, constructive cooperation, making calculations for the wellbeing, benefit of the whole collective.

This transcends any of our arbitrary human ideologies, philosophies, activism, as we have to do so according to Nature’s strict, unchanging laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life depends on.