If reality is predetermined, where is free choice?!

Opinion from the Internet on the topic of objective reality and how we could influence it:

“I think the “law of attraction” could influence how we can influence objective reality. I find that people who worry more about getting broken into and things failing in their homes leads to more of what they fear actually happening.”

It could be.

Or, perhaps whatever happens to them might be happening “only” in their subjective perception, or objective reality might have influenced their minds, giving them a preview that was inevitably coming towards them?

The bottom line is that objective reality cannot be influenced. If it can be influenced then it is not objective any longer. That of course raises a lot of questions, especially about “freedom of choice”.

If we live in an objective reality that relentlessly progresses like a movie that cannot be changed, stopped, then where is our free choice?

As some unique empirical scientists state, our free choice is about how we respond, relate to objective reality, to an objective plan of development that flows, progresses relentlessly.

And while this sounds very limited, almost no free choice at all, we would be surprised how much we can change everything by learning how to respond, relate to objective reality when we learn how to perceive it!