If “I” don’t exist, then “I” can’t die!

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readSep 23, 2020


Survival through selfless, altruistic interconnections

Many people start to understand that as a result of the evolving, constantly deepening global socioeconomic crisis that affects all Human activities we will have to change.

Since the root cause of the crisis is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective and exploitative nature — that makes us overconsume excessively, while succeeding, surviving at each other’s and Nature’s expense — we will need to develop completely new qualities, approach to life and each other.

We will have to acquire new, selfless and altruistic qualities from Nature’s evolution, as only through such qualities can we build the sustainable, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation it survival depends on.

A chance to “cheat death”!

On the other hand safeguarding our collective survival by developing “Nature-like” qualities, integrating into Nature and effortlessly surviving as a result is only the start.

Through the new selfless, altruistic qualities and the subsequent interconnections we can achieve eternal existence!

We have been yearning to overcome the threat of death, the scary thought is simply disappearing in nothingness for millennia. Most of the time these efforts are aimed at prolonging the life of our biological bodies, it replacing the aging, dying parts with synthetic material, it uploading Human consciousness to robots, androids or even to some kind of a virtual cloud where we could continue existing consciously with our present “self”.

Then there are the religions, different spiritual teachings that promise us eternal life after we pass away from the physical world.

But we have an actual practical, purposeful and scientific method — based on Nature’s laws — that can give us a true, tangible, realistic sense of unbounded, eternal existence and perception of reality here and now, while still existing in our present biological bodies — without touching the biological bodies.

There is no personal, individual existence

Our problem is that we associate our “self” with our biological bodies, focusing solely on physical life or death. This goes to such an extent that religious people who believe in the “revival of the dead” imagining ourselves resurrected with the same bodies we live in now.

But even spiritual teachings that talk about a Human consciousness that is above, independent of the physical, biological body imagine that consciousness as something individual, personal, a higher sense of consciousness we could achieve alone through meditation, suppressing corporeal desires, attachments.

This completely ignores that fact that we can’t, don’t exist independently. We are all fully integrated, interdependent parts of a single system. Instead of the free, independent, individual beings we imagine ourselves to be, we are but single cells of a fully integrated, living “Human super-organism”, which as an organ is integral part of Nature’s vast, integral body, system.

As an individual cell can’t exist detached from the body, we — either in our biological bodies, our as individual, “non-physical” consciousness can’t exist without being completely merged with others. We can’t access life as without being in integral connection with others and through then with Nature, we are not part of the life giving circulation, communication, with Nature’s “circle of life”.

As a result in order to sense true life, we would need to attach ourselves to others and through then to Nature’s system. This can happen through the above mentioned selfless, altruistic interconnections we need to build to solve the present crisis and to survive in Nature’s fully integrated system.

Liberating ourselves from the ego

But beyond “simple” physical survival this would open the door towards a truly eternal, unbounded sense of existence and perception of reality!

While we are stuck in ourselves — physically, mentally, “spiritually” — we are locked into a very limited, egocentric and subjective consciousness, perception of reality with its coordinates of time, space and physical motion — and this is what we consider life right now.

But we can achieve a completely unbounded, eternal sense of existence by disconnecting from our egocentric, subjective viewpoint — by implanting our observer “self” into other people.

The mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation even our physical survival depends on are possible only when we stop making any personal, subjective, self-serving and self-justifying calculations. Only when we leave any egocentric, subjective bias, distortion behind can we start making calculations for the sake of others, for the sake of the collective in a clean, transparent manner.

But when the physical survival is achieved we will realize that there is no greater freedom than being liberated, detached from any personal, introverted calculations, worries, self-protection, when we simply forget about ourselves completely as if the “egotistic I” didn’t exist at all and we exist, freely roam among the desires, viewpoints of all the other people we connect to with selfless, altruistic intentions.

Growing, developing our new self through others

This seemingly “supernatural” — above inherent nature — state can be developed, acquired by anybody who wants to achieve it, in unique, closed, laboratory-like conditions using a special practical, purposeful method.

In our original, “this worldly”, physical and egotistic being there is a small sees, “stem cell” that is able to draw us towards the new, selfless, altruistic, liberated existence, as this “stem cell” contains in itself a template, with a potential connection to all other Human beings and all other elements of Nature’s vast system — similarly how the whole Universe can be found within a grain of sand.

Through this “seed/stem cell” we can connect to everyone and everything around us as long as we approach the with a completely clean, selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving intention. By that I can grow into them, start living through them.

My new “self” becomes my unconditional service, my “love” in others and I start perceiving, sending reality through them. And the more I enter others with this intention and the more people I connect to myself, the more my original egotistic “self” fades into the background.

I become like a doting mother with increasing number of children who can’t think about herself even for a second as she needs to care for her children. But this unconditional service, love of others we develop is incomparably stronger, since we don’t have any natural instincts to care for those others, we develop this “motherly care” against, above our instincts.

After a while we reach such an extent of this “out of body” sense of existence, that we can create a very distinctive separation between existing in the original biological body, and existing through the new, selfless, altruistic observer.

And the new “self” becomes much stronger, much more realistic as that is the actual true existence, while the temporary, biological sense of the “self” is secondary and even if it passes away it can’t diminish feeling ourselves existing our new, unlimited self living an infinite, eternal life through others and the Universe.




Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.