I do not fully understand what citations you need, and you did not ask for any so far. As you can imagine regarding a science that has been working for millennia, I can provide you with reading material for a lifetime, or I can show you multiple YouTube channels, websites, or anything you like.

I am not canceling you at all, we are not talking about the same thing. You try to offer a solution on the consequence level which humanity has been trying forever only to fail. I have been trying to tell you that without changing our inherent nature — that determines everything we do -whatever else we try, regardless of how clever it seems, will fail as the ego will inevitably corrupt it — as history proves.

Why do you think your economic solution would lead to a different result when humanity has been experimenting with different economic, political, and social structures for millennia only to reach the same dead-ends?!

You cancel the root cause in order to prove that your solution would work. You believe that there are good and evil people in the world and if the evil people are removed everything will be good. Such thinking only leads to bloodshed, futile revolutions, and even worse situations — as history proves.

I already told you that I do not want to convince you, you can do whatever you like. I am simply a “messenger” trying to publicize the millennia-old science I am studying as widely as possible for those who are ready to listen.

And there are already thousands of people all around the world studying it, implementing its method.



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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.