Humans can and need to learn how to integrate into Nature’s inherent balance

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readJan 11, 2021

Opinion from the Internet about Humanity’s present state:

I think this is partially true that Humans are not in balance with Nature. I believe other species have had imbalanced impacts on their biomes and have failed to rise to the occasion to remediate them. It would be a big assumption to declare all species other than humans are blindly, instinctively integrated into Nature’s system…

When a species arrives in a new territory where there are no predators or few other limiting factors, they will reproduce rapidly and exhaust resources, then their population will crash. We are in a similar position: I am not certain that bringing in notions of our intellect really changes the equation fundamentally.

But yes, the greater our ability to survive, the more hyper-competitive we become intra-species, and the more divorced from the rest of life on earth we become in our pursuits to out-do each other. And yes, uniquely challenging times. I take comfort in the increasing awareness, but the slope ahead is very steep. I’m more concerned about the geopolitical resolve to work together through the troubles ahead than I am about the ability of humanity to adapt to its destructive powers. We’re adapting: transition to cleaner energy is accelerating overall, plant-based diets are more and more common, more young people are embracing minimalism, seeking meaning outside of consumerism… but the damage we have already done has not yet hit us fully, and as it does, will we be able to resist the barbaric tendencies that well up when more people have to share fewer resources? Will the borderless nature of climate disasters see us slaughtering refugees or helping them? Will autocratic, expansionist leaders already eyeing neighboring territories be restrained or will they seize opportunities afforded them by climate change caused instability?

I’m also concerned that we simply don’t know where the tipping points of environmental degradation lie in wait — some may have been already irreversibly triggered. I choose to believe that our actions still matter since there is a good chance they do.

I think our problem with observing Nature is that today Nature’s system is almost completely influenced, distorted by Human interference.

Still, most natural scientists would agree that the so-called, inanimate, vegetative, animate levels of Nature are instinctively integrated into the system, keeping themselves within the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources, staying within their natural habitat.

This is not a conscious process and many times it is not the animals themselves that keep the balance, but the “circle of life” is organized in such a way — with the scarcity of resources around them, predators decimating them that “helps them” to keep that balance.

When any of those factors is distorted — mostly as a result of a natural catastrophe or Human influence — the balance is broken, and the species themselves cannot restore balance, only the system can finding a way through the above-mentioned factors. But the system is closed and the overall balance is maintained.

Humans are different. We are born with a certain “amnesia” about our inherent integration in Nature and we behave as if we were outside of the system. We do not know what our true necessities are, we do not know what available resources are, we do not sense the integral balance in Nature, thus we recklessly spread, overconsume and since we cannot trust anybody — not even other Humans — we ruthlessly compete and purposefully succeed, survive at each other’s expense.

And here is the point where intellect comes to play. Only Humans have a unique intellect that is capable of critical self-assessment and initiating fundamental self-change. We have the ability to rise above blind, instinctive behavior — that determined Human evolution, history so far.

You described our pretty hopeless looking present state. I think in our days it has become crystal clear that with our present state of mind, with our present theories, ideologies, science, and systems we won’t be able to save ourselves from self-destruction.

Thus the time has come to use our unique Human intellect — still dormant — and prepare it through a unique, purposeful educational method in order to realize the situation we are in, to recognize the root cause of the problems — our instinctive behavior — and find a way to fundamentally change ourselves, how we relate to each other and Nature.

This is our only available lifeline!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.