Humans are both egotistic and altruistic

Question from the Internet:

“Do you believe that humans are innately altruistic or selfish?”

The uniqueness of Human beings is that we have both options available in our DNA/software.

We have an altruistic program as a result of our origin, “lineage” from Nature’s perfectly integrated, balanced, altruistic system. On the other hand, our uniqueness that separates us even from other developed primates — causing the explosive, unparalleled Human evolution in Nature while other primates remained basically unchanged for millions of years — is the unique, selfish, exploitative, and insatiable Human ego.

And so far in Human history this ego dominated our development, constantly exponentially pushing us forward — while our altruistic, Natural qualities remained dormant. As a result, Humanity has become increasingly incompatible with Nature’s balanced system, abandoning, breaking Nature’s laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life and optimal development depends on.

We have become like a disease, cancer, foreign body in Nature. As a result of reaching this critical threshold of incompatibility now our selfish, egotistic system is falling apart, we are helplessly sinking into a global crisis that affects everything we do.

In order to avoid a seemingly inevitable, total self-destruction, to prevent Humanity’s self-extermination we urgently need a unique, purposeful, and highly practical educational method, which can help us activate the dormant, Natural, altruistic program in us. Then we will be able to balance, complement the egotistic program which we cannot suppress or erase.

Only through such a special “balancing act” will we be able to integrate into Nature — through the similarity achieve with the help of the altruistic program. At the same time, the original egotistic program will help us maintain a certain independence in Nature even after integrating into it.

This will lead to achieving our unique evolutionary Human purpose, becoming Nature’s only conscious observers, witnesses, and partners as a result of this unparalleled Human duality, contrast.