Humanity’s unique purpose

Question from the Internet:

“If humanity isn't a cosmic accident destined for extinction, then why are we still fighting and greedy and keeping others down instead of working collectively to advance our species and knowledge of our reality?”

Your question is spot on, and there is an answer.

We are not a cosmic accident at all. It is to the contrary, Nature’s evolution has a very specific, predetermined purpose for us, which purpose elevates us above the animal level.

But in order to reach that high, very unique purpose first we had to be born “outside” of Nature’s fully integrated, balanced system, with opposite, incompatible qualities.

Thus we are born — “created” by Nature’s evolution — with the destructive, self-destructive, selfish, and exploitative human ego, which drives us towards excessive overconsumption, ruthless competition, success, and survival at each other’s and Nature’s expense.

We needed this human ego to drive our remarkable human development up to this point, while also providing us with an “outside”, independent viewpoint of Nature’s system.

Now, from this point of independence, opposition — reaching the threshold of almost inevitable self-destruction — we can consciously, purposefully, methodically start a very different, “natural” development — re-integrating into Nature by learning how to integrate with each other above and against our inherent nature.

This will make us Nature’s unique, unparalleled, unprecedented insider observers, using the duality, the contrast of our inherently subjective, egoistic nature, worldview, intellect, and the acquired, nature-like, selfless integration and associated collective consciousness and perception of reality.