Humanity’s path to truly become the peak of evolution

Question from the Internet:

“Why is it so difficult for human beings to accept that we are just animals like all others on the planet?”

First of all you are right, in terms of our biological bodies we are basically identical to certain animals, our bodies work by exactly the same principles. And medicine, pharmacology can readily use this similarity with tissue replacement, transplantation, research and different experiments.

Our DNA is over 90% identical with other developed apes, we suspect we originate from a so far unknown single root with them, starting from the same Natural environment.

On the other hand there is a very distinct, sharp difference between other animals and Humans. This distinct difference is like a double edged sword.

Humans have a unique Human ego, which gives us a very strong sense of the unique, individual self. We feel distinctly separated from other Humans, and we are also outsiders in relation to Nature, feeling ourselves independent of the system, above it, ready to control, manipulate Nature as we wish.

This ego drives an insatiable desire for self-fulfilment in all of us without any constraints.

This ego had been driving the unprecedented, unimaginable Human progress so far — whole our “ape-siblings" remained the unchanged for millions of years.

This unique, self-centered, irrepressible and insatiable ego has been growing in Humans through history. The initially imperceptible difference, opposition between Humanity and the rest of Nature grew exponentially.

The original “hunter-gatherers" (and a few remnant tribes still existing today) lived within Nature’s balance, according to the optimal parameters of natural necessities/available resources. But the larger part of Humanity has been consuming increasingly beyond their needs, while also building societies where a stronger minority exploits, manipulates the rest of society.

Civilizations, ideologies, systems kept changing, but the increasing overconsuming and the minority exploiting the majority never changes, only gets more refined, sophisticated.

At this stage Human beings are worse than animals.

Humans intentionally, purposefully harm, exploit Nature with complete disregard to its balance, laws, we don’t care even if we know that we are threatening our own survival by this. Moreover we ruthlessly compete, fight for resources within our own species, individuals and nations succeed, survive at each other’s expense.

So far it seemed Nature didn’t care about the “Human transgression", that we can do whatever we want without negative repurcussion from Nature’s laws. But we were wrong.

The coronavirus pandemic is the first blow Nature sent against the unsustainable Human system, as a warning and as a lesson.

Compared to much more serious plagues, world wars, vast natural catastrophes wiping out our system we can consider the blow of the pandemic a mild one. But if we don’t learn from it, then the next Natural blows — or blows we ourselves cause, like wars, socioeconomic collapse — will be much worse.

We don’t need to wait for intolerable suffering to change ourselves and how we relate to each other and Nature. We can learn in a conscious, purposeful and methodical way the template, laws of Nature’s integral system so we would willingly adapt to them.
At the end we will have no choice, if we want to avoid Human extinction, we will have to become like Nature.

And when we do so — consciously, with full understanding, by our own efforts — then we justify being Human, being the peak of evolution, different and above other animals.

Then specifically in the contrast between our inherently unnatural, “cancer-like" behaviour and the consciously, methodically acquired “Nature-like" behaviour we will attain, comprehend Nature’s system in its totality and become its independent observers and equal partners.

Then we will also understand why evolution “created us" with the original, “evil", selfish, egotistic program, as without it we could never reach our Human potential.