Humanity’s new economic, social system

Question from the Internet:

Is the world entering a new phase of capitalism?

I don’t think we are entering a new phase of capitalism, the new phase we are entering will be very different from capitalism.

Capitalism is the best fitting economic, social system for our inherently self-serving, egoistic, exploitative, and individualistic nature which cares only about fulfilling our insatiable desire to receive pleasures for ourselves.

It is this greedy, selfish ego that drove human history so far in different forms, permutations truly expressing itself in free-market capitalism, especially in its American version.

But by now this egoistic development outlived itself, as — just like cancer — we started self-consuming. The uncontrollable inequality, exploitation of natural resources, modern enslavement of the masses through an artificial, brainwashing Matrix have driven us to the threshold of very realistic self-destruction.

In order to solve this threatening global crisis that affects all levels, and forms of human activity and to safeguard our collective human survival, we have to learn and implement a very different form of economic, social structure.

We have to become compatible with Nature’s perfectly balanced integral system through selfless, mutually, unconditionally serving, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing cooperation by following nature’s template.

While externally it might sound like Communism, this new system is very different on multiple counts.

First of all, it is not implemented according to some misguided human ideology, philosophy. It is not forced on people who are not ready like it happened in Russia. Instead if will be gradually introduced, implemented through a purposeful, practical education people will join willingly, seeing their obvious self-benefit in it.

Most importantly it is not implemented by coercively suppressing, erasing our inherently self-serving, egocentric nature but by harnessing, using this nature in a different, methodically learned way.

The new system will be a Nature-like, living, integral system by purposefully, intently using our selfish, egoistic nature for positive, constructive collective purposes, goals, elevating human existence to an unprecedented, qualitatively much higher, collective level.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.