Humanity’s greatest legacy

Question from the Internet:

“What is the greatest legacy to build as humans?”

Humanity greatest legacy is learning about and fulfilling our predetermined evolutionary purpose in Nature.

So far we all defined purpose of life according to our instinctive and social desires, goal of food, sex, family, wealth, power, fame and knowledge.

But in our days, even if we have much more than we need in relation to these desires, goals we are still empty, frustrated and depressed, while our human system that is built around catering for these desires in an excessive manner is falling apart.

Many people started to ask questions about the meaning, purpose of our lives bring what we chased, wanted so far.

This is because according to “evolution’s timetable" the time has come for humanity to shift from the previous, present, blind, instinctive egocentric and selfish development to a conscious, proactive, purposeful development — not according to our limited, distorted, subjective and egocentric philosophies, ideologies, theories, but according to Nature’s plan for us.

As the pandemic already shows, we won’t be able to return to the life we lived before, and the more stubbornly we try to return, the greater blows, crisis situations we will encounter. We can’t trick, sidestep, overcome Nature’s laws and its plans with us.

Thus it is wiser to learn about our predetermined evolutionary role, purpose and to follow it consciously, proactively, preceding the blows, pressure from Nature.

By consciously, protectively adjusting, adapting ourselves to the system we will come to a very sharp, tangible sensation as if we ourselves designed and operated the system. And through that step we take forward according to what Nature’s plan demands, but we take it willingly without waiting for the blows, we will get the greatest possible freedom of choice man can have.

This way we reach our greatest legacy of becoming consensual partners with Nature in creating, guarding and sustaining life, justifying reality as perfect.