Humanity turning from “pathogen” to “remedy”.

Disease is a natural disaster.

Nature is an all-compassing system with different levels of closed, integral, living systems interconnected from single cells to complete galaxies in a unique intertwined, integrated, interdependent fashion.

In each system individually and in relation to the whole system “health” — the lack of disease — depends on the precisely sustained fragile balance and homeostasis between the different, diverse comprising elements of the system.

Nature’s laws that sustain this balance and homeostasis — without which life and optimal development are impossible — are the same for all levels within the Natural Universe from the single cells to galaxies.

The unique “give and take”, mutually responsible and mutually complementing relationship, cooperation between all comprising elements has to remain within optimal parameters, each of them individually and all of them together existing based on natural necessities and available resources. No element, subsystem can start existing at the expense of others as then the balance is broken and disease — lack of balance, homeostasis — happens.

We can clearly observe this in our own biological bodies at all levels, ad we can also observe it in the natural environment around us on this planet, or even around Earth in the Galaxy and beyond.

There is only one exception: Humanity. As a result of a strange idea that we are independent, outside of the natural system and thus we can do whatever we want, our Human system has been breaking the natural laws sustaining balance and homeostasis for millennia, but especially in the last few centuries.

Our incompatibility with Nature has become most striking and exponentially worsening in the decades since the 2nd World War, especially since the Cold War ended. And in our generation, we have reached a state where Nature can’t compensate for the “Human foreign body” any longer. As a result, our incompatible Human system started to fall apart, while there are processes in the natural environment itself that are preparing to “reject us out” like our body rejects a foreign body.

While we are a small part of Earth’s ecosystem and almost imperceptible taking the whole Universe into consideration, qualitatively we are the highest level organisms in the whole system. And while it is very difficult to comprehend, accept, we actually influence the whole system as the only conscious creatures that can purposefully, methodically change, upgrade themselves.

The unique pause the pandemic has caused shows how quickly Nature can recover, damage the Human damage while we are idle. We are given an unprecedented thinking time to realize our unique, Human role in the system and to start a new, this time conscious Human development. Above and against our inherently “cancer-like”, egocentric, individualistic, exploitative program and behavior we have to develop an opposite, selfless, altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human network through which we can acquire similarity with nature’s system.

As a result of the gained duality in between our instinctive and acquired program, we can activate the unique, collective Human mind that becomes the conscious observer, positive, proactive supervisor of the whole system like a miniature microchip in a supercomputer. Contrary to all other elements in the system — that are all instinctively, by default integrated into the system keeping its balance — only Humans can acquire, maintain full consciousness even after integrating as a result of this duality.

This also explains we why are born with an initially “unnatural”, “outsider” egotistic, selfish, exploitative, “raw” program, inclination, in order to give us the opportunity to complete our development by ourselves, through free choice in full awareness. This leads to fulfilling our unparalleled Human role in the system.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.