Humanity — the crown of Natural evolution

Question from the Internet:

“What is humanity in your opinion?”

Humanity is a unique part of Nature with a unique purpose to become Nature’s only conscious, sentient observer, witness, benevolent partner.

If we look to be opposite right now, it is also purposeful.

In order to fulfill our unique, evolutionary, Human role we have to be outside, opposite to Nature on one hand to have an independent viewpoint. This is how we are born, opposite and incompatible and as a result self-destructive.

And now that this self-destruction seems close and inevitable, finally we can start our second, this time conscious phase of Human development — the process to become similar to Nature and through that similarity to integrate into Nature and understand, observe the system from within.

The ensuing duality, contrast between our inherently egocentric, individualistic, selfish and destructive nature and the acquired, Nature-like, selfless, altruistic, collective intention we can fulfill the role we are destined to perform.

Becoming “Nature-like" is achieved through gradually, methodically built, mutually responsible, mutually complementing integration, cooperation between Human beings untill the whole of Humanity is integrated as one.

That is when we are ready to fulfill our destined evolutionary role.

Our free choice is about how we reach this.
Do we wait for increasing crisis situations, problems, blows and intolerable suffering to change us?

Or we use a unique, scientific, educational method that can consciously, purposefully prepare and lead us to our goal?