Humanity — Is Nature’s Flight Simulator SW Connecting the Ground/Corporeality with the Sky/Spirituality

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readApr 26, 2020

A new story by my dear friend, Ernest Itzkovitch from Toronto:

Similar to a flight simulator or a cockpit simulator, Humanity is just the top/most developed part of Nature (on top of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of human development and evolution).

Not by chance, Nature is testing Humanity (I.E Corona) in a sort of an SW/Software Program — that is well planned in advance.

Same like in any other example of HW/Hardware and SW/Software product combination (laptop, car, airplane, spaceship…) — the hardware looks big, massive, creative, well designed up and beyond the boundaries of our/human imagination however the

Software is One Level Higher — because it is operating the (massive Hardware), it is invisible but it is actually in 100% control.

Is it possible that Nature is holding Humanity responsible and accountable for the whole world? — like the Chief Pilot who is responsible and accountable for The Crew, Passengers, and every action that is happening on the plane during the Flight?

Let's face it: Based on the internet, there are multiple trends and indicators that “Humanity Caused Nature to Be out of Balance” (i.e. Corona) by extreme overconsumption of Nature’s Best Gift to Humanity — in a form of “Depletion of Natural Resources”.

The key problem — is Humanity’s behavior and our relationships. We know that there are no such definitions as good or bad people, and the solution is to “Study the Laws of Nature” in order to understand Nature’s Language/SW — How Nature Operates Us?

The “Language of Root and Branch” is Nature’s language with Humanity to create and maintain our good relations at all times.

If we will make just a small effort and try to hear, listen, collaborate and “Consider Each Other on a Mutual Basis” in order to “Attain Balance with Nature” and prevent harm, damage, blows, and plaques in the “Post Corona Era” or the Brand New World.

Can you recall in which grade in high school, college, or university you studied the “language of root and branch”?

Probably not — my personal memories roll me back to The Carpathian Mountains, where I born and grow up with love, joy, and happiness — where my Parents had a beautiful house and garden with fruits, vegetables, cats, dogs, Friends, and Neighbors !!!

This time was one of the best of my life experiences and I wish that all humanity will work together to create joy to everyone.

How we are aiming to Connect (Corporeal) Humanity Attaining Balance with the Upper Force/Nature (example — flight simulator )

Similar to a Flight Simulator, we/people are on the ground but feel/attain the feeling like we would be actually in the sky. “Nature created the desire to receive” with the intention to become a Giver, similar to Nature, using our personal SW- our heart and soul.

The heart is in our body but “The Point In The Heart”, may be interpreted as our “soul” is existing and shared with other people.

It is not by chance when somebody is doing a wrongful decision or action against another person/habitat/flora/fauna/community, the person that committed the violation against corporeal laws & regulations and public values/interest — face disciplinary action.

If you felt that this article triggered you to “double-check and improve/adjust/correct your own decisions”, actions and relations with your family, friends, peers and the environment where you are directly engaged or interacted — it is your opportunity to “Make the Change” by one small step toward Humanity and Nature through “Integral Education” (ref. my previous articles).

Have a safe, healthy & beautiful day and be also proud to share your personal “Point In The Heart” like in the book/link below:



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.