Human “super-consciousness” vs. AI

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readSep 7, 2023


Question from the Internet:

“Is AI really more powerful than humans?”

There is a saying, “No creature can ever surpass its creator.”

AI is a creature of human beings. It is a very effective “supercomputer” that is capable of fast and precise calculations, data combinations, and data synthesis that individual human beings are not capable of.

But AI is programmed by human beings and is using the data field that human beings feed to it.

AI does not have “consciousness”; it is not aware of itself, and it is incapable of action “on its own.”

Humans cannot program or develop AI to become self-aware and conscious, humans cannot program or develop AI to act “independently” since we ourselves are totally unaware of ourselves, we do not have any independent consciousness, and we cannot create anything “ab ovo” since we are created and programmed by nature and nature’s evolution.

This is something we tend to like to forget or ignore.

We did not create ourselves; we are born from nature as a result of evolution. We did not install the “operating software” that runs us; nature did. We cannot invent or develop anything new; we simply use and rearrange what is already available in nature. There is no “human invention” that does not already have a working template in nature — although we might not even know about it.

AI is simply a limited tool in our own hands, which tool works according to how we use it.

So even in our present, very much undeveloped and “quasi-intelligent” state, we control AI, and AI can never control us.

On the other hand, if we do not further develop ourselves and we continue believing that “human life” is about protocols, rules, efficiency, and different quantitative measures, as long as we measure each other and ourselves according to our monetary wealth, fame, and social status, and all our activities related to controlling, manipulating and exploiting others for our own selfish sake, we can hand most of our activities to AI and robots that will be able to organize and control this “life” much more efficiently.

As long as we remain within our inherently limited and distorted, 100% self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, and individualistic consciousness and perception, whatever AI can supply within these limits will run the world while we gradually — with the help of AI and other “clever” technology gradually destroy each other and ourselves.

If we remain with the inherent and self-destructive software nature created for us, we will gradually fade away from evolution since evolution expects us to rise from our original and instinctive state and start further developing ourselves purposefully and consciously.

On the other hand, if we finally recognize the unfinished and raw original nature and “inner software” we were born with and see how destructive it is, if we also learn about why nature’s evolution “released humans into production” with such a cancer-like nature and how we can start “upgrading” ourselves in a conscious and purposeful manner by harnessing “assistance” from nature, then we can reach a qualitatively much higher developmental state, where AI and any other technology simply becomes obsolete.

AI is very good at combining and synthesizing data. But then it just spits out results without any purpose; it gives answers without actually “feeling” and understanding what the answer is. It does not have its own consciousness or purpose to actually use the data and the conclusions it gains from them; it simply serves the data combinations and conclusions for us to use.

We are confused by the Hollywood depictions of conscious AI acting like a “super-consciousness.” The AI human beings created can never become one since we do not have the “consciousness” to give AI in our present form.

The “super-consciousness” necessary to create life and provide consciousness to something unconscious is something human beings have to develop. And this is something that is not “individual.”

If we want to develop a “super-consciousness” and an unprecedented “composite or quantum” perception of reality that can show us reality as it truly is, we will need to mutually integrate, and we have to mutually complement each other as the cells and organs of our biological bodies do.

We have to go through the same evolutionary revolution single-cell organisms went through when they started combining into multi-cellular organisms for the obvious evolutionary advantage.

Then, as a result of this mutual integration and complementation, we will also develop a unique “collective Human consciousness” with a single purpose: to selflessly and objectively view and experience natural reality and to understand and attain the overall operation of the system and why and how it creates and nurtures life.

It is this single Human consciousness — or “super-consciousness” — that will be able to consciously and purposefully collect, combine, and synthesize all available data and make useful and real conclusions. We will all experience everything through the desires, thoughts and viewpoints of each other.

And for that, all we have to do is changing the direction and focus of our life.

Instead of experiencing, measuring and calculating everything only from our own, 100% subjective and egocentric point of view, and sampling and drawing towards us only what we can use for self-service and self-justification, we will have to start learning and practicing how to exist and behave for the sake of others and the whole system, while we gradually forget about ourselves and anything the relates to us.

And while this might sound scary from our present point of view, when we actually build a human community — even in a smaller environment first — where each and every person commits to exist only for the sake of others, above and against inherent nature, we will start experiencing existence on a qualitatively much higher level and we will all receive exactly what we need in a perfectly and justly measures way, as if existing in the mother’s womb again.

Moreover, our combined and collective consciousness and perception will open a totally new, unlimited and perfect dimension of reality for us, while we will always get the most ideal and fitting conclusions and results from any research and investigation.

And then we can also immediately use and implement those conclusions by solving problems and preventing new ones, while further developing in a clear, conscious, purposeful, and sustainable way.

Compared to this Human “super-consciousness,” AI will be considered like an old “pocket-calculator.”

And developing this Human “super-consciousness” is not a dream or some kind of mysticism or utopia. It is within our capabilities; moreover, nature’s evolution expects us to reach that state and is ready to provide all the necessary tools and assistance for our unique developmental process and “Human upgrade.”



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.