Humans have a special evolutionary role in Nature, unlike any other “living creatures”

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readAug 25, 2020


Opinion from the Internet about the differences between Human and animals:

“So humans are not natural in origin? Did humans evolve as other animals did? If so, at what point did our evolution become unnatural? And how is that quantified? Or did Gods make us different?
And what special wisdom gives the insight to prove that, with our own existence being within the system, we can make that definitive declaration that humans are special?
when a tribe of particularly aggressive chimpanzees attacks another tribe of chimpanzees, murdering many of the tribe for no apparent reason, is that natural?
when a bobcat killed all of my chickens, and left most of them laying around, theoretically so that they could come back and feed at their leisure, is that natural? Or is that somehow consciously being wasteful?
when a younger gorilla attacks an older gorilla who is the strongest in order to become the alpha, is that natural or is that somehow a special intelligence at work?
Can that kind of natural aggressiveness be expressed in ways that we simply may not like, due to our limited view of reality?”

Yes, you are right about our limited view of reality.

So at the moment we are arguing with each other on all issues in the world, like children in the kindergarten, about whose father is the King or the President, when it is none of theirs, while all our sciences are speculations, guestimates and we are helplessly stumbling from one historic vicious cycle to another, from one crisis to another.

Fortunately there is a unique, empirical Natural science that can give us a completely different, truly objective, “insider view” of Nature’s system and it’s laws - by constantly changing, refining the Human observer.

With this science, instead of our inherently egocentric, subjective viewpoint we can acquire a selfless, transparent, objective one.

Of course Humans also evolve from Nature, and we have always been integral parts of Nature. But Humans have a completely different role in Nature’s system then other animals, including apes.

Only Humans have the level of individual self-awareness that makes each Human a standalone creature, feeling itself “left to one’s own devices” abandoned by Nature and even other Humans, forced to compete and fight for survival against everything and everybody.

It is this sense of existing alone against a hostile world that drives us to do everything we are doing.

This all evolves through the uniquely Human, selfish ego that doesn’t exist in other animals.

And since Human history is the chronicle of the constant growth, intensification of the ego, we developed from a creature that is almost identical with apes to the creature we have become today, shamelessly consuming, destroying everything as if there was no tomorrow.

The rest of the apes - regardless of how violent they can be, and that violence still serves to keep the natural balance, prevent population growth, keep their natural habitat intact according to Natural instincts controlled by Nature - didn’t change, develop for millions of years.

(By that way how animals behave in or around human society is already not a good example of how Nature’s system works as their behavior was already distorted by Human influence, their instinctive program already contains Human bugs, upgrades to help them adapt to the environment we corrupted.)

I would like to stress as this is extremely important: Humans being unbalanced, destructive is according to evolution’s plan, we are not responsible for our inherent nature, we are neither sinful or evil. And we being born like that is necessary, purposeful.

But we are obliged to recognize that the inherent software is destructive, and from that recognition starts our free choice no other creature in Nature has: to consciously, methodically change ourselves, to integrate into the system by our own volition, effort. By that we will fulfill our predetermined evolutionary role: to become the inner observers, witnesses of Nature’s perfection.

It all happens within the Natural system, according to the laws, plan of the system, the process is about helping us to develop a truly Human consciousness, independent observer ability.

This was attained and described by those empirical scientists - through millennia - who managed to become such insider observers in Nature’s system - compiling a purposeful, practical scientific method today anybody could use to achieve what they achieved, and by that fulfill our evolutionary Human role.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.