Humans have a positive side — but we need to develop, attain it by ourselves

Question from the Internet:

“What are the positive sides of humans? Many people focus only on the negative side of humans, but I do believe that there is a positive side of everything.”

Humans have a potential positive side, but it is not in us yet.

It is as if we were born “unfinished”, with only one side of the coin - the dark, negative side - installed by default.

We are all born with an inherently egotistic, selfish, individualistic and exploitative nature, which - knowingly or unknowingly - make us behave like cancer with each other and with the Natural system we exist in.

This is neither evil or sinful. This is purposeful by Nature’s evolution, giving Human beings free choice, a conscious ability to complement this dark, negative side of the coin with the potential positive side, to complete our own Human development by our own efforts.

If we were born with the same - inherently “good” nature, program - like other animals, automatically, instinctively integrated into Nature’s system, following is circle of life, we wouldn’t be any different from other developed primates, the extraordinary Human evolution, history will have never happened. We would be identical with chimpanzees for example, unchanged for millions of years.

And we wouldn’t be standing ahead of the greatest revolution of Human history, at the transition when we can take our development, future into our own hands.

Today - very close to a cancer-like self-destruction - we can finally start using our unique Human mind capable of critical self-assessment, and initiate an unprecedented self-change, self-upgrade.

With the help of a special, purposeful and very practical educational, scientific method we can learn how to neutralize, harness, complement to original selfish ego with Nature’s selfless, altruistic upgrade. Then in between the two opposite inclinations, forces the “truly Human being” can emerge, holding two reins in hand, researching, attaining reality within the vast contrast.