Human evolution is different from Natural evolution

Question from the Internet:

“Is human development best characterized as a slow, gradual process, or is it best viewed as one of more abrupt change?”

Human development is embedded into Natural evolution. But since contrary to other animals that develop integrated with Nature instinctively human beings are fueled, driven by the all-powerful, all-consuming, insatiable Human ego, Humanity’s development is exponential compared to the rest of the system.

If we compare billions of years long Natural and the last few thousand of years of Human evolution we can clearly see the difference.

So far this explosive Human development was useful, leading to us to our discoveries, inventions, civilization building. We can consider it similar to childhood with its incessant growth, quantitative development.

But now - as we also evolved into a globally integrated, interdependent system like Nature itself - evolution expects us to switch to a qualitative development when we start focusing on our mutual interconnections, to the positive, mutually responsible, mutually complementing quality of our coordination instead of the reckless quantitative growth.

As with an adult body the same reckless growth that is present and is useful in childhood is cancer for a mature body. Similarly Humanity had now became like cancer in Nature’s body as we are excessively consuming, ruthlessly competing instead of focusing on our connections.

Only through the proper connections can we generate and sustain true life for the whole organism instead of the limited, destructive “single-cell” life we are still pursuing today.