Human environment: a very special “incubator” that leads to freedom

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readApr 25, 2020

Illusory Freedom

We all consider ourselves free, independent people, who think for themselves, make decisions and act as they like. Even now when we increasingly talk about a global world, interdependence, mutual responsibility, we do not feel that it would influence our personal freedom, individual independence.

In a very thorough, studious article, called “The Freedom” a special, empirical natural scientist, Rav Yehuda Ashlag described how the behaviour of a Human being is defined, determined by 4 factors. According to his explanation — which mirrors what we ourselves can conclude from our own lives — apart from our genetic predisposition, upbringing, and education the most important, constant, dynamic factor that determines who we are, what we will become is the Human environment we live in.

Products of the Environment

If we really go down to the “nitty-gritty” of this we would see that we are 100% the product of our Human environment. Everything we think of, follow, our decisions, how we dress, how we speak, behave, what we aspire for, what we consider our life’s purpose comes from the environment.

And this has never been more true than today when we are brainwashed through multiple channels 24/7 while we also brainwash each other through social media and in other ways. We actually have not even a second during the day when we could think for ourselves when we could make independent decisions.

We are completely the product of our environment. As Rav Ashlag concludes, and we can also experience, our only true freedom in life is choosing the right environment for ourselves as from that point on our life is determined by that environment 100%. And if we think about this, this is even harsher, since where do we get any freedom of choosing the environment, since that choice is also determined by the same 4 factors.

So do we actually have any freedom at all?!

Fortunately yes.

Nature like the Mother’s Womb

Nature’s system is not random, it has a deterministic, lawful evolutionary plan which drives the whole system, towards perfect integration, to an optimal state where all elements, comprising parts interconnected and complement each other, the whole system with mutual responsibility, making calculations for the sake of the whole above individualistic calculations.

The whole system — including Humanity — is fully influenced, governed by this evolutionary plan. But the Human environment is unlike the rest of Nature, where all elements blindly, instinctively integrate and cooperate with the plan as if they never left the “mother's womb”, but feel the same nurturing, development in Nature as they felt in the womb.

Within this perfect “Motherly” Nature the Human bubble, the Human “incubator” is different, it is not fully “closed/sealed”, it is left “unfinished” by Nature for us to complete it.

The “Tiny” Human Freedom

It is true that knowingly, unknowingly we are all lead through our lives by the same evolutionary plan as Nature, but when we find ourselves in the right environment — which could truly shape us into a Human being, leading us towards our unique Human purpose — a “tiny” but crucially important freedom of choice is left for us, and everything hinges on this seemingly minuscule choice.

Human beings are different from the rest of Nature. We are not instinctively integrated, instead we actually instinctively reject each other, we imagine ourselves separated, independent, seemingly succeeding at each other’s expense. This is how we are born from Nature as this provides us with the actual free choice no other element in nature has.

As we can see now when our development reached the global, integral state, our instinctive inability to cooperate, integrate with each other started to threaten our very existence

Searching for Meaning

Thus true free choice starts, when we finally find ourselves in the right environment, where we can start our final, conscious development towards our Human purpose, by learning how to integrate with one another.

We will know the “finding of the right environment” by the aim of finding life’s meaning, a purpose so important that it becomes as strong or even stronger than all other lacks, desires in life, and at the same time, we suddenly find ourselves among other people with the same inclination, goal.

Then with the mutual cooperation, mutual support of these similar-minded people, aiming at finding, fulfilling Human purpose we can learn together — through a special, purposeful, and practical educational method we all accept — how to build the unique environment, incubator that will shape, nurture, develop us properly, purposefully, methodically.

Being both the Embryo and the Womb

In this incubator we are not simply the embryo, passively being shaped like in any other environment or in the original mother’s womb where we develop unconsciously.

In this unique environment/incubator we are both the embryo, and also the contributing elements of the womb that helps to nurture the others!

Moreover in this environment both being the embryo and the contributing element of the womb requires active, conscious participation, constantly overcoming our inherently selfish, egotistic, individualistic reflexes, resistance — which conscious effort is not required in other environments in Human society that are built by and for the sake of the ego.

Thus entering into that unique environment like an embryo attaching itself to the wall of the womb, while also providing the wall of the womb for others to attach to is our only, but all-important free choice in Human life!

We have to do it against our inherent nature in order to acquire the “truly Human” qualities of unconditional service and love of others in order to become similar, compatible with Nature’s system, and able to build an integrated Humanity for the same reason.

Through the unique method the environment uses we can also learn how to harness, recruit Nature’s unique evolutionary force. This force drives, influences us anyway, but by purposefully aligning ourselves with the plan, direction of evolution we can turn a previously “angry, stormy” wind — that has been causing all kinds of problems to Humanity through millennia — we can adjust our sails and thus turn to this “wind” into a strong, benevolent assisting force.

Through the Eye of a Needle

Through this seemingly “tiny” freedom — like the eye of a needle — we can pull ourselves and later the whole of Humanity — as more and more people will find and join this “incubator” — towards a completely different, truly “global”, collective, mutually responsible and mutually complementing collective existence.

By that we can rise above our usual, very limited and distorted inherently egotistic, subjective consciousness and perception — with its coordinates of time, space, and physical motion — to a completely unlimited, infinite, and eternal sense of existence — here and now!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.