Human division, mutual hate is driven by our inherent nature!

The biggest cause of the division presently observed in America - and all over the world - is our inherently selfish, egocentric, individualistic and exploitative nature.

As a result we always want to place ourselves over others, rule over others, humiliate and exploit others.

Through Human history each and every civilization - regardless of ideology, governing, social or economic system - has been built on the exploitation of the majority by a smaller minority, trying to succeed, survive at the expense of others.

Due to certain factors, characteristics the white European part of Humanity has been more successful in this. But it doesn’t mean others parts of Humanity are not driven by the same desires, intentions, characteristics which we can also observe through history, and in societies where the non-white population also received the chance to control the life of others.

The skin color, culture, nationality, religion doesn’t matter, we reject, discriminate, distrust those who aren’t similar to us, based on any possible excuses, justifications, any physical or ideological differences between us.

Which also means that true, lasting, effective solution can be found only if we all apply it on ourselves.

We all need to change, upgrade our original “operating system”, the way we relate to others. We all need to learn through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method how to act and exist above and against our egotistic, hateful instincts, hormonal reactions.

Only then will we be able to build a new, mutually responsible, mutually complementing, global Human society, when we can all perfectly complement the whole with our individual, national, cultural uniqueness.