Human development through changing fear

Fear of the Coronavirus

Fear in itself is not a problem, after all fear is there strongest motivator, engine of development, but we have to be careful with it as most fear grabs, freezes people and only a unique kind of “positive fear” can truly develop us forward.

Life lived in fear

We have been living our lives in fear for as long as we can remember. Coming out of the mother’s womb awakens the “primordial fear” for our life, existence, day to day survival.

Fearing the future

Now the virus awakened us, showing us the life we used to live - which was completely aimless and was also heading towards self-destruction being unnatural, inhumane, incompatible with the fully integrated and interdependent Natural system we exist in.

Turning towards Human purpose in Nature

The solution is to awaken - by ourselves through a unique, methodical, educational approach - a different kind of fear that can return us to the right development towards a positive attractive purpose.

Fear of life opening up a new a dimension of reality

Then we can start to sense a completely different kind of fear that propels us towards our unique evolutionary Human purpose.