Human development through changing fear

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readMay 6, 2020

Fear of the Coronavirus

Fear in itself is not a problem, after all fear is there strongest motivator, engine of development, but we have to be careful with it as most fear grabs, freezes people and only a unique kind of “positive fear” can truly develop us forward.

Now the whole world is frozen by the fear of the Covid-19 infection, that locked us into our homes, stopped our socio-economic system.

The interesting thing about the virus that it didn’t cause anything new, but it awakened us, making us more sensitive, aware of the world we live in, how we live in this world and where we are heading.

The virus can be compared to the rude awakening, unplugging of Neo from the Matrix in the famous movie.

Life lived in fear

We have been living our lives in fear for as long as we can remember. Coming out of the mother’s womb awakens the “primordial fear” for our life, existence, day to day survival.

Our whole society is built on fear, the most lucrative industries - military, insurance, health, legal system, police, politics - thrives, lives on fear and in our days this “primordial fear” for our life and material possessions is purposefully, methodically exploited in a very sophisticated manner.

And as our ego keeps growing out fear also grows as we feel we have more to lose, thus we don’t even attempt to solve problems but we restrict, ban, abandon anything we become fearful from, we build walls, all kinds of security around us and everything we own, and when some great, sudden threat appears we just panic and run around like headless chickens, isolate and lock up ourselves even more.

Fearing the future

Now the virus awakened us, showing us the life we used to live - which was completely aimless and was also heading towards self-destruction being unnatural, inhumane, incompatible with the fully integrated and interdependent Natural system we exist in.

So now besides to the fear about day to day survival we also started to fear the future, because as it stands we have no future! If we return to life as it used to be before the pandemic, our present civilization will self-explode like all other self-serving, narcissistic civilizations before during history’s inevitable recurring vicious cycles.

Turning towards Human purpose in Nature

The solution is to awaken - by ourselves through a unique, methodical, educational approach - a different kind of fear that can return us to the right development towards a positive attractive purpose.

By default we are so locked into our inherently self-centered, subjective spheres of fear that we become completely unaware of the true reality around us. We only sense and compute that narrow, distorted slice of reality that serves our individual, egocentric day to day survival.

But we have a much greater purpose, role in Nature’s evolution, system. We are destined to research and attain the whole system in it’s completeness, becoming the all-knowing, all-controlling conscious part in it.

For that first of all we need to exit our original egocentric, subjective “Plato’s Caves”, and attain a selfless, objective, unlimited viewpoint through a unique educational method in special, small environments.

Fear of life opening up a new a dimension of reality

Then we can start to sense a completely different kind of fear that propels us towards our unique evolutionary Human purpose.

There is a fear we almost completely forgot as our egos incessantly grew, making us to think, care about ourselves only. But one who loves another with “true love” - unconditional, selfless, service, care for another - senses the “fear of love”, fearing that one can’t serve, love the other enough, that due to one’s egotistic, selfish tendencies one might damage the budding, fragile love.

When we start to sense, understand the beautiful, perfect but fragile Natural system around us through new, selfless, altruistic, loving connections we methodically build with each other, we develop this “new” kind of fear, fraying that we might damage, disrupt the beautiful, life giving flow, communication if we are our selfish egos to interfere.

This “fear of love” (fearing that I don’t love enough) can propel us to positive, constructive action all the time, promoting ourselves and the whole system towards integration - running parallel with Nature’s evolution.

Then this fear completely dwarfs all other fears as this kind of existence opens a completely new, unlimited dimension of consciousness, perception instead of the small, limited, distorted slice, cocoon we were holding onto, fearing so much before!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.