Human development is unparalleled in Nature — as we consciously align our evolution with Nature’s

Question from the Internet:

“Development. Is it mainly something personal, or is it rather the universal or global development we should focus on? Are those two different things? Exactly how are they interrelated? And does a person need to be aware of it - the interralation?”

Humanity is one of the species in Nature’s all inclusive system. We are born in Nature, our lives are defined by the same laws that relate to the whole system, and our development is governed by the same law of evolution as any other animal, particle of galaxy.


From our inherently egocentric, subjective, individualistic point of view we are disconnected from the system with a sense of complete, independent free choice, as if we could do whatever we want, as if we - individually and collectively - could build, control systems that are “outside of”, incompatible with Nature.

By default we think that Humanity disconnected from evolution which concerns only the rest of the system and our own individual and collective development is totally in our own hands.
We really need to think about this as our life, survival depends on it!

Everything around us belongs to a single, closed, integrated system that is built and controlled by strict, unbreakable Natural laws that sustain the balance, homeostasis life depends on. This is also true to the cells, organs, systems of our own biological body, as our life, health is based on the same laws of integration, on the same balance and homeostasis.

So how could we think, believe that on the “macro” level, between people and between Humanity and Nature suddenly such laws don’t apply and we can build societies, human systems that go against those laws?!

How can we think and believe that while Nature’s evolution progresses towards a most optimal integration of its extremely diverse parts, we can pursue a Human lifestyle that is based on separation, individual development, individual success that is achieved the expense of others and Nature?!

We live in an egocentric, subjective illusion, in a “Human dream” that is now turning into a nightmare, as our unnatural Human development reached a threshold Nature’s laws can’t tolerate any longer. All the ideologies, structures we built that are incompatible with Nature’s laws fall apart, regardless of how stubbornly we try to sustain, revive them. If we don’t study and k keep those laws we have ignored so far, we won’t be able to solve the mounting global problems and our collective survival is in danger.

The good news is that this “Human misunderstanding”, “oversight” is purposeful from Nature’s evolution. We are the only species that is born with inherent incompatibility with Nature’s laws, development. But we are also the only species with a unique mind, intellect that had the ability of critical self-assessment, ability to initiate self-change.

As the crisis, pressure builds around us it is time to start using our unique Human intellect. Those people who already feel the need for a complete change in their personal and Humanity’s collective development can do so, trough special, purposeful and methodical environments where they can learn how to adapt ourselves to Nature’s laws and developmental direction.

Through such unique environments - like laboratories, incubators - we can gradually fine-the ourselves so individual and collective Human development would reconnect with Nature’s evolutionary flow.

This is not simply a change we need to do in order to survive! We have to consider the recognition of our inherent incompatibility with Nature and the subsequent, conscious, methodical change as a unique, “cosmic” education.

By actively, consciously, purposefully changing ourselves, complementing our inherent egoism, individualism, “cancer-like” overconsumption and exploitation with Nature’s qualities of integration, mutual cooperation, we learn, attain, fully understand how Nature’s system works, where and why evolution’s plan is progressing. We will become Nature’s only conscious, benevolent partners and insider observers, by that fulfilling our unique, evolutionary Human purpose in life.

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.