Human beings — egoistic individuals in Nature’s integral system

Question from the Internet:

“Why, if everything is connected in the world, does society promote individualism?”

This is the most important question of our generation!

You are completely right, we are in a strange, self-destructive paradox, existing in a fully integrated, interdependent world that is part of integral Nature and we still promote individualism, personal rights as if we could do anything we want, and we still pursue ruthless competition succeeding and surviving at each other’s expense.


Because this is our inherent program and we can’t think, act in any other way, even when we see that we are doomed this way. We are like helpless addicts, forced to constantly fulfill their own, insatiable, selfish, egoistic desires regardless of the consequences. As long as we continue living in a blind, instinctive way, following our inherent program, nothing will change until we finally self-destruct like cancer.

On the other hand, we also have a unique, so far unused human intellect — the mind we have been using so far was simply an auxiliary device, blindly serving our egos — that is capable of critical self-assessment, initiating self-change.

With the help of a special, purposeful, and practical scientific method we can recognize the destructive forces, desires, the intention is ourselves, the “raw, beta software” evolution installed in us, and then we can consciously, methodically upgrade ourselves, harnessing Nature’s evolutionary forces to help us align ourselves with Nature’s integral system and its strict, unchanging laws.

This conscious self-recognition and self-upgrade, becoming similar to Nature by our own efforts will make us truly Human contrary to other animals that are instinctively integrated into Nature’s system.