Human are the perfect species — we just need to learn and facilitate what it means

Question from the Internet:

“Do you think humans could become the perfect species with the use of genetic designing and technology? What do you think about that possibility?”

We don’t need genetic design and technology to become the perfect species. All we need to do is to follow evolution’s lead.

Our perfect, final, truly Human degree is predetermined by evolution and it means us being Nature’s only conscious, independent, under observers by learning how to integrate into Nature above, against our inherently egocentric, selfish, exploitative “unnatural” program.

This can unfold either through constant, unpleasant pressure from Nature in the forms of different blows, crisis situations, intolerable suffering like now.

Or we can take our own development into our own hands by studying the system and its plan and purposefully, methodically adapting ourselves to it.
And for that we only need the right, purposeful and practical education, nothing else.