How will the world’s “pecking order” change in the global world?

Question from the Internet:

“Is the pecking order of the world’s population changing?”

So much so that the whole pecking order will disappear.

So far, humanity and all of our societies have been arranged according to a pyramid, a small minority of individuals, organizations or powerful nations governing and controlling — and for the most part, exploiting — the rest.

Now, as we have evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world where each of us has effectively become like individual cells of a single living organism, this has to change.

In a living, integrated system, there are no more or less important parts, but all part is equally important. This does not mean that each part becomes the same. Each and every part retains its unique individual qualities and attributes, each finding and fulfilling its own irreplaceable role and function for the whole, while also justly and proportionately receiving everything they need and deserve according to the crucially important role and function they possess by nature.

In a living integral system that is organized and sustained properly, each and every part that is greater, stronger or performs a seemingly more important function than others is also a greater and more altruistic servant of the whole system.

We can see plenty of examples of how it works in our own biological bodies. For example, the crucially important brain and heart receive the freshest blood with the best access to nutrients, and in return, they serve the body most diligently, constantly, so the rest of the parts can exist and perform their own roles and functions.

In the new, conscious and purposeful developmental state of human evolution — starting with our generation — the previous egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying and exploitative pecking order will give way to a Nature-like, selfless and unconditional mutual integration as dictated by Nature’s strict and unforgiving laws.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.