How will the world change after Covid-19?

This is a very important question, we could say the most important question of our times, as we are now standing at unprecedented crossroads.

First of all, we have to understand that we, as Humans, are not existing in a bubble, where we could do everything we want. We are born from Nature’s system, we are still an integral part of the system and we evolve with it like all other parts, elements, living creatures.

Nature relentlessly developing towards increasing diversity coupled with ever-greater integration between all elements.

This means that Humanity is also obliged to follow this pattern whether we like it or not, since Nature’s laws and the plan of evolution are just as binding for us as they are for all parts of the system. Except, that Humans — as the qualitatively highest level creatures are given the opportunity to “freely choose” to follow the plan instead of being “beaten to it” by the increasing pressure from Nature’s system.

The Covid-19 pandemic is not a random event. It is Nature’s invitation — together with providing the thinking time necessary for the right decision — for us to change our development from a blind, instinctive path to a fully aware, conscious, proactive one.

If we make the right decision we will see vast changes in our societies. Everything will be rebuilt — with the positive assistance from Nature’s evolutionary force — on mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation while scaling down to a lifestyle based on natural necessities, available resources. Then the outlook, future is very good.

Of course, this is completely different, even against how we are brought up, educated, conditioned by society. But with the right, purposeful and practical education, we can do this — together.

(It is better not to muse about what the other option is…)