How to use the “rise of network society"?

Question from the Internet:

“How are you affected by the rise of the network society?”

The “rise of the network society" is an evolutionary necessity. Humanity — as one of the species — is integral part of Nature’s vast, fully integrated network.

While we sense ourselves as unique, proudly and fiercely individualistic beings, in truth we are but individual cells of the “Human organ" in “Nature’s body".

Thus the increasing global connections, the physical and virtual networks that increasingly define our existence are dictated by Natural evolution.

The question is how we accept these networks, with what goals, intentions were are using the inevitable interconnections?

Today Humanity is in such as desperately helpless starts — which the pandemic, and out total paralysis in the face of other mounting, threatening global problems highlight even more — that it is clear to most people that we urgently need to change how and why we connect to each other.

Our problem solving ability and collective survival — and in this global, integral system there is only collective survival — depends on changing our instinctively selfish, egotistic way of contacting to mutually responsible, mutually complementing.

For that we need to abandon all our previous, present philosophies, ideologies, systems and have to fine—tune, adjust ourselves and rebuild Human society on Nature’s integral template, so we can also create, nurture and facilitate life instead of destroying it!