How to remain upbeat in this chaotic, global world?

Question from the Internet:

“Can one still remain upbeat if they are truly tuned into the global reality?”

In order to remain “upbeat” we would need to know why things happen, what cause and effect processes lead to what we see, what the overall purpose of the system is we exist in, and what our own role, the purpose is in the system.

If we do not know these things we sense ourselves in a random, senseless world, where we are constantly thrown from one state to another, where we blindly stumble from one crisis situation — out of our control — to another.

This random, suffering-filled process is exactly how human history has unfolded so far, and how our own generation is falling from one trap into another, constantly sinking ever deeper into crisis.

But it should not be like this, since we live in a lawful, deterministic Natural system, where exact, unchanging laws govern everything and a deterministic evolutionary plan drives the whole system relentlessly towards a final, most optimal goal.

Thus our happiness and ability to take our own fate into our own hands depends on the right, scientific, educational method that can teach us, make us feel the forces, laws that govern our reality and can also teach us how we can adapt ourselves to this reality, helping us to become conscious observers and partners in this reality instead of being the blind puppets we are today.

Through this education we can learn why we were born as seemingly outsiders in Nature’s system — to give us an independent viewpoint, why we have been developing in our inherently selfish, egoistic, individualistic way so far, behaving like cancer in Nature’s integrated, interdependent system, and how this opposition to Nature combined with a unique Human intellect that can help us achieve compatibility, integration with Nature above and against our instinctive behavior can lead us to our unique, unparalleled evolutionary Human purpose, role in life.