How to make technology work for our advantage?

At the moment technology is hindering us, as we think that we can solve our mounting problems with technological advancement alone. And since our problems have nothing to do with the lack or presence of technology we are on the wrong path with this thinking.

Moreover with the artificially generated hysteria around AI, self-driving cars, and complete automatization of production processes and other mundane Human activities we sentence ourselves to degeneration. Our generation is already way behind earlier generations in terms of literacy, writing, reading, and communication skills as we spend most of our time with our gadgets, hooked onto the cheap, brainwashing “circus and bread” entertainment “Matrix” that dumbs and numbs us.

Humanity’s problems cannot be solved with technology as our problems originate from our innate inability to build positive, sustainable, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing connections, cooperation. And in the globally integrated and interdependent world, we evolved into — according to Nature’s development — we can’t solve problems and we won’t be able to survive without those connections.

If we understand this and start purposefully, methodically build such connections, of course, we can use all our technological abilities to aid this kind of development. After all, technology is a tool, and whether it is constructive or destructive, only depends on how with what intention we use it.