How to live according to true, natural necessities?!

Question from the Internet:

“Is every human being entitled to the standard of living enjoyed by the average American? If you say 'no’, give a concrete logical justification for your answer.”

This is not about entitlement. It is about whether it is necessary for everybody - even the average American - to live like an average American?

The lifestyle people pursue in Western societies is completely disconnected from true, modern, healthy, natural necessities. Our lifestyle is dictated by “aggregate demand”, by a completely artificial and harmful consumerist paradigm, which is now collapsing as it is incompatible with Nature’s balanced, integrated system and its strict, unbreakable laws.

Gradually the pandemic and subsequent crisis will remove all the excesses, non-essential production and consumption until gradually we will recognize what our true necessities and the available resources are.

We can hasten and facilitate this process by proactively, consciously learning the Natural laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis without which life and optimal development is impossible.

We can also learn how to build “Nature-like”, altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections between people and nations, which - through the achieved similarity - will give us access to Nature’s template, blueprints, and such resources we didn’t even dream about before.

Then - especially when we create societies that follow Nature’s balanced blueprints - everybody will have everything they exactly need, while they will all also do everything they can towards the well-being of the whole collective.

We will switch our Western lifestyle - with its excessive, unnecessary hoarding, unserviceable debt, ruthless competition, depression, substance abuse and aimless, brainless “circus and bread entertainment” - to a perfect, purposeful, healthy, peaceful and fair natural lifestyle.